Clipping Path Thailand & Dicut Service offers image editing services starting at $0.16 / image. Normally we prefer to the decide after reviewing some sample from clients first which is more realistic.

       The price per image depends on the image editing service, the complexity of the object, and the volume. We review the images you upload and send you a quote within minutes. High-volume users who have more than 2,000 images per month are eligible for a discounted fixed price offer.If you have any further question please feel free to contract with us by sending an email:,

Design : $15
Photography : Negotiable
Image Manipulation : $0.36
Drop Shadow/Mirror Reflection : $0.30
Clipping Path : $0.16
Image Retouching : $0.45
Background Remove : $0.16
Multiple Clipping Path : $0.36

** In this pricing is just to have rough idea and starting prices.